Seafood is always better by the ocean. That’s why Signal Hill, California, is the perfect spot for a fast-food seafood restaurant to take off. Fish-O-Licious opened in Signal Hill in 2015 and has since been a big hit. It has received rave reviews for its delicious menu items as well as its speedy service. 

If you find yourself in Signal Hill, California, anytime soon, be sure to stop by Fish-O-Licious for a fresh, tasty meal. Read more to learn about their unique take on fast food and to get a glimpse of their mouth-watering menu.

Unique Take on Fast Food: Fresh and Fast

You can find fast food anywhere, but fast food that is also fresh and healthy is much harder to come by. Fish-O-Licious was founded by Salim Khoury, who wanted to bring customers a fine-dining seafood experience at an affordable price and without the long waits of a sit-down restaurant. When you enter the restaurant, you will see a variety of seafood displayed on ice, so you can pick out what you want, and they will cook it up for you. Seafood doesn’t get fresher than that!

Mouth-Watering Menu

Shrimp, calamari, clams, salmon, catfish, trout, halibut, scallops—you name it, they have it. And you can get it in nearly any way, whether you like your seafood broiled, grilled, fried, or even in a taco shell. The Fish-O-Licious menu has so many options, from clam chowder to fish n’ chips to fajitas. And don’t worry: If seafood isn’t your thing, there are plenty of fish-free options as well, such as chicken tenders, salads, grilled zucchini, and more.

One of the customers’ favorite things about Fish-O-Licious is that you can customize your meals. Plus, if you don’t like to meal prep or cook, they offer an option to order customized meals for five days in a row!

Next time you are in Signal Hill, California, stop by Fish-O-Licious for a delightful dining experience. And, if you are looking to stick around Signal Hill and are searching for apartments in the area, check out The Heights Apartments.

Image courtesy of Fish-O-Licious